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(On the rare occassion - often at an out-of the-way location - you may encounter a dial phone rather than keypad) For the vast majority of phones, all keys have letters of the alphabet associated with them, except for 1, 0, * and #.These letters can be useful when negotiating an automated telephone attendant.Telephones in Canada work exactly like telephones in the USA, and similarly to Euopean phones.

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It can also indicate that the call is from a payphone, is unavailable (perhaps because the call comes from overseas), or that the number has been withheld.

Limited usefulness When Caller Display was launched in 1995 you had to have a special unit at home to receive it - either a small box plugged in to the telephone jack which would display the incoming caller's number, or a specially equipped phone.

The symbols (, ), , and - that appear in printed North American phone numbers are just to separate the numbers into manageable groups; you won't be able to dial these symbols.

In addition to the keypad, telephones have a "handset" which features an earpiece and a mouthpiece for listening and talking, respectively. Mobile/wireless telephones are usually called cell phones in Canada (cell comes from "cellular").

It is a fresh approach to working at home; it’s fun, funny and is flexible all at the same time.

All we ask is that you are motivated to earn money and that you have spare time on your hands to be able to log on, at times convenient for you.

For visitors to the rest of the island of Newfoundland, particularly those visiting the ever more popular ski resorts accessed by the Deer Lake airport, will need to visit a local cellphone supplier. Public telephones, often called pay phones, are usually operated by coin, credit card or smart card.

With the substantial increase in the number of mobile (cell) phones, pay phones are becoming much less common.

Unless you happened to be able to remember the phone number of everyone you knew, Caller Display's usefulness was severely limited. Connected to a home computer or television set top box, caller ID is a powerful tool for home businesses as well as control freaks who like to know who's calling before they answer the phone and those who don't want to be disturbed unnecessarily from their favourite television programme.

With a modem which is compatible with your particular phone operator's caller ID system and low cost software downloadable from the internet, it's simple to turn a home office computer into what a few years ago would have been an expensive call centre workstation.

If you call anyone from the pub payphone and try to make out that you're stuck in a meeting at work, there's a good bet that you could be rumbled.

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