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It is incredibly helpful to be able to look at what you all are doing with Excel!Not only did I see a huge variety in how Excel is being used, you also pointed out various tips and tricks for writing fast VBA code in Excel.791577-Application-Screen Updating-not-working-in-Excel-2013 https:// test the difference in screen updating, try running the one-and-only macros in these files: first file does not use Application. Adding Do Events, which normally makes Excel responsive while a macro is looping, does not help either situation.

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Al detener la grabación encontrarás las instrucciones en un módulo.

Dentro de esas instrucciones, aquí te dejo las que importan para que se ajuste a la hoja y quede centrada. Print Preview 'vista preliminar (*)End Sub Para la impresión final, reemplazá Print Preview por Print Out Hola Elsa!

Par contre, une macro très touffue peut demander plusieurs minutes, voire plusieurs heures pour s'exécuter : alors si c'est possible de diviser son temps d'exécution par 2, 3 ou même 100, pourquoi s'en priver ?

Article contributed by Daryl Lucas Many people know they can speed execution of Word Automation by turning off screen updating: Word. Screen Updating = False Many do not know, however, that they can get an even greater speed boost by hiding the application altogether.

Here’s some sample code that shows how and what to shut off while your code runs. Display Page Breaks ‘note this is a sheet-level setting ‘turn off some Excel functionality so your code runs faster Application. Be sure to turn it back on right before your code ends.

Lo ideal es que actives la grabadora de macros (menú Herramientas, macros) y configures la pag a tu gusto.

In Excel 2010, you could control whether or not the screen updates while a macro is running by setting Application. In Excel 2013, screen updating cannot be controlled in this way.

Screen updating is especially important for long-running macros (e.g.

Although it would be difficult to do an exhaustive test, in theory this should work from any Automation client-Visual Basic, Excel, Power Point, or any other.

The functionality depends on Word, not on the Automation client.

interactive macros, long calculations) to let the user know that the macro is still running and that Excel has not crashed.

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