Dating homer laughlin dinnerware

There are two important identification factors for a set of dishes.

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In 1903, the company started construction on several new plants while also creating the framework for what would become the town of Newell.

Operations continued to expand modestly until the 1936 introduction of our flagship brand, Fiesta®.

A good dinnerware shape identification guide can be found on the internet at

This guide covers most shapes for dinnerware from Homer Laughlinand other Ohio valley potters.

During the 1970s Homer Laughlin dinnerware was a common promotional item in local supermarkets.

In 2010 the company merged with Hall China Company.

This book is a good book for the new collector and is indexed by shape.

A second book, which lists many more treatments is "Homer Laughlin Decades of Dinnerware" by Bob Page, Dale Frederiksen, and Dean Six.

Founded on the banks of the Ohio River in 1871, The Homer Laughlin China Company began with the simple premise of making quality china at a fair price.

The Laughlin Brothers set up shop in the small town of East Liverpool, Ohio. By the turn of the twentieth century, The Homer Laughlin China Company had outgrown its modest factory, and, to keep up with demand, we expanded operations to the nearby Newell Farm, which was located across the Ohio River in West Virginia.

Over the years, we have committed to continuous investment in technology, green production, genuine manufacturing, and custom design. These idea makers — at every level of our organization — are the investment that makes our dinnerware better than any in the world.

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