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On East Meet East, you can find members from most East Asian and Southeast Asian communities, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Hmong, Cambodian, and Thai.

Make a connection and communicate in English or your respective native languages. With the 2016 upgrade, full features are available on your i Phone to make your dating life easier on the go:– Browse, use the Advanced Search function, and chat with new people– Discover who has sent you smiles/ visited your profile– Receive one–to–one match recommendations with our unique algorithm–––Why is East Meet East better than other online or asiandating sites? Unique Community We're exclusively dedicated to connecting Asian urban singles.

”” Thus she went ahead and founded East Meets East.

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I think people devalue the whole distance thing because of their own insecurities. Everyone has their comfort spot and anything over 200 miles may make them uncomfortable. I mean think about it, you go out every weekend and don't meet anyone of quality and finally you did that night.

Me personally, every time I meet someone who is "on-point" my first comment is "You must not be from around here" (no shade to the local men but I was judging based off of my experiences).

Mariko Tokioka knew exactly what she wanted to do after her previous company Quipper was acquired by Japanese giant Recruit. “In London, I wanted to meet someone who shared my culture and language, and could talk to my parents.

No, as a Japanese expat in London as COO of Quipper, she wanted to create a dating services that matches Asian singles who are based overseas.

It was very hard on existing dating sites because they tend to group all Asians together.

I thought: “There’s JDate for Jewish matches, and a number for black people, why isn’t there one for Asians?

They prefer a man who's properly educated, nicely groomed, and properly off.

That could sound crude but Chinese woman who're on the lookout for a husband desire to find a man who can take care of them.

That is the deal, they are going to enjoy you and take beneficial care of you so long as you deliver for them and any youngsters you might have.

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