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Losing excess weight can decrease fat from your back plus a variety of other areas.Weight loss, dieting and a targeted exercise program can give you more confidence with a slimmer, more toned back.

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She had a long history of being active and watching her diet, but she was running herself into the ground, constantly obsessing about exercise and feeling like she had to “burn off” everything she ate.

Her obsessive exercise left her constantly starving, so she was always thinking about food, and the more she ate, the more she felt like she had to “burn off,” furthering the vicious cycle.

She had recently started a strict Paleo diet, was exercising like crazy, and had actually 12 pounds over the previous 2 months.

She didn’t recognize her body, and she was desperate for help.

"The thing that has helped me advocate for my own health THE MOST from Inside Tracker, is how you see an optimal zone—and that is different from the 'normal zone'." Read video transcript We'll be sure to follow up with Laura post-surgery next month to see how her biomarkers have changed...

Eating Healthier Reducing the Appearance of Back Fat Incorporating Exercises to Minimize Back Fat Community Q&A Trying to lose that stubborn fat on your back?

Laura refused to give up until she found the answers. Thanks to testing multiple times with Inside Tracker, she was able to uncover key biomarkers that were not optimal.

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