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The Principles of Professional Conduct For The Education Profession In The State Of Florida require reasonable efforts to protect the student.

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With their voice, I say “thank you.” Now let’s get this law passed. State Representative , another staunch ally and advocate for protecting children from child abuse, to provide a briefing for state legislators and their aides on the family tragedy of erased families and erased grandparents. We should all be deeply appreciative of the support for our children offered by .

Because of grandparents just like you, on June 1 when I’m back in Boston with Dorcy to present at the AFCC Convention, I’ve been invited by Mass. Come together into a single voice for change; together you can become an unstoppable force for change.

In Florida, the crime of Failure to Report Child Abuse or Neglect occurs when a mandatory reporter knowingly and willfully fails to report known or suspected acts of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect to the Florida Abuse Hotline.

A common misconception is that only health professionals, child welfare workers, and teachers are considered mandatory reporters of child abuse or neglect.

The crime is broadly defined to include any type of cruelty inflicted on a child, such as mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual assault or exploitation, and neglect.

Charges for physical child abuse often include assault and battery.

The department’s Central Abuse Hotline is not required to electronically transfer calls and reports received pursuant to paragraph (2)(b) to the county sheriff’s office if the matter was initially reported to the department by the county sheriff’s office or another law enforcement agency.

Florida child abuse laws, like the abuse laws of other states, fall within the Penal Code.

Because of parents just like you, a formal Working Group is being created in the APA to address the issue of revising the APA position statement on “parental alienation.” The winds of change are coming.

AB-PA gives you the rock solid Foundations on which to stand and fight for your children.

The residual effects of child abuse, abandonment, and neglect, by themselves or in combination with the previously stated factors, present a serious challenge to learning.

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