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I think everybody makes the golf-sim game in their first ten games to. You seem like the kind of person who would appreciate the game development game genre, which is awesome. So far there has been the Robot-themed Action RPG called Roblum-Quest The tie-in puzzle game Roblum: Origins, and The animal sim Goldbluminals!

You seem like the kind of person who would appreciate the game development game genre, which is awesome. Just started playing this, and named my first game RPG, it's a Robot Puzzle Game. It's about a robot piecing together the parts of his blown up robot buddies after the big robot destruction of 2008, you remember that right? The game world is littered with NPCs and players pretending to be NPCs. If someone bluffs you out, lands a lucky card on the river, or just plain pisses you off you can whip out a baseball bat or a can of VX Nerve Agent and subject them to a world of pain.

My first three games were the pirate adventure Primate Isle, the Samurai adventure Final Samurai, and the quick PC golf-sim cash-in Golf-Ass [email protected]_Zane: Have you played Gamebiz at all? Better in some areas, possibly worse in others, and i've been playing Gamebiz 2 forever (which is free) and Gamebiz 3 just came out (about $19, but a demo is available). I tend to name everything quickly and currently on my third play through and I think I have developed a game in every genre and type I have unlocked. The 14 character limit also ruined my sequel naming as i could't do names like Something of X 2: X Harder. Online Sim/Spy - Hidden Bonds: Play as a spy in a world full of spies. Droid Love: My company's flagship Robot/Shooter series Pancho, bitch! Punch Poker - 48,000 Sales If you ever played Red Card Soccer on PS2 this is like the Texas Hold 'Em version of that.

I wanted to name my Robot Simulator "Armored Mission" so bad. The best part is that Whoops Fitness appeared on a TV show and i like to imagine it was Oprah, or the Game Dev Story mispelled version of Oprah. Simulator/Town - Build & Craft : Design and build cities, down to the smallest detail! : Pirate-themed card game Tiger's Wood: Golf/Simulation which I would imagine also had a dating simulation component.

My first three games were the pirate adventure Primate Isle, the Samurai adventure Final Samurai, and the quick PC golf-sim cash-in Golf-Ass Golf. My best company was called Space Oddity, and the following have been my best sellers: Wish you could use more than 14 characters. ": The Final (RPG/Fantasy) The Finaler (RPG/Fantasy) The Finalest (RPG/Fantasy) More Final (RPG/Fantasy) More Finaler (RPG/Fantasy) Grand Finale (RPG/Fantasy) Grand Finale 2 (RPG/Fantasy) Grand Finale 3 (RPG/Fantasy) Copernicus (Online RPG/Fantasy) Reckoning (Action RPG/Fantasy) I normally don't think much about the names. In honor of the DSi games we hear so much about, all of my games have some sort of punctuation. : A remake of the hit game Persona 5, with Chie Satonaka having a larger role.

Feel free to include Genre/Type and what the game's supposed to be about, as well as how many units it sold if you'd like to add that. Since "Adjective Animal studios" was too long, I went with "Wacky Animal", though that sounds more like an actual studio. Robot Simulation Techinator2010 But I take most pride of my fantasy RPG, at the moment quadrilogy, Dragon Arse. X-Star 88 - 183,000 Sales This ambiguously named Ninja Action title is fine. He's not very good at it so you play his advisor, Yasumoto, who brings in varying degrees of talent. Game of War Game of War 2 Game of War 3DPlanet Of Pasta [Wrath of the Noodle King] Spacecraft Spacecraft Geist Red Demon Guy I just started playing this game yesterday. Half of the fun (for me) is giving the games crazy titles.

Here's the games Mayu Stuff Corp (my dev company) released so far (WARNING: VERY LONG) My studio, Angular Games, have a long-running dating sim series: Date Me, Date Me Again, Love! Wacky Animal have had many success with Pirate themed games, including: The educational game Buck A. Sellout Studios has released the following hits: Action/Ninja: Slit Throats Online RPG: Real Life (Mid-Life Crisis DLC to be released next year)Poncho/Table: Honcho Educational/Card Game: R. It made it to the top 10 due to it's "niche appeal" which basically means a load of hipster shitheads bought it because it looked kindof like Shinobi and was produced, developed and marketed using 100% upcycled materials. Watch out for "The Baddie Caddie", the game's unlockable duel-dildo-wielding opponent. There's only one ending, which sees you leave the porn industry to become the creator of the internet (the game's set in 1971). Currently, my company is mostly developing for the Game Kid with our line of Chtulhu RPGs.

and c) Can’t decide where in the top 5 to place Crimson Skies. If you’re ever in that neck-of-the-woods I strongly recommend a trip on the Dartmouth Steam Railway.

To those individuals I would say this: Gosh, you’re looking well. All GWR locos of course, though they do have a rather nice Class 25. It runs close to Greenway, Agatha Christie’s old house. The following five pages would look very different If I hadn’t factored in mods when making my selection.

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