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These updates will be followed by an end of year reconciliation to ensure that the entire year’s activities are properly recorded for tax.

An ordinance has been passed by the Government of Pakistan requiring the mandatory digitalization of the Cable TV Services by 30 September 2016.

According to an amendment to the PEMRA constitution, the information ministry will make the Digital Addressable System mandatory.

Just over a year is too short a lead time for such a fundamental change in any event.

There should be a comprehensive set of pilots of the end-to-end system before it is made mandatory for all businesses.

Find out what the switch to digital television broadcasting means to you...

Will your current TV set need to be replaced with a digital TV?

In his letter, Fox lawyer Wadlow said FCC rules were unnecessary because NAB has already announced a 7 million DTV education campaign that addresses the consumer education issue on a number of fronts, including PSAs.

The global Set Top Box (STB) market size is anticipated to reach USD 29.78 billion by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

Another requirement states that all TVs sold after May 25, 2007 must have a digital tuner, or be clearly labelled as not having one.

So if you bought your TV within the past year or so, it's almost certainly digital.

This measure will empower consumers with an increased number of channels and a high quality viewing experience.

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