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My satellite, my empathy The wheels be chrome, chrome spiffy, the Lord with me My halo said goodbye and the floor hit me Fill the lining in the pine box, my granny fill the time slot "Don't grow up too soon Don't blow the candles out Don't let them cops get you" My granny almost Sparrow I can see the wings The choir sings And la da di la di da da da, dah Only he can save my soul And I know the money don't really make me whole The magazine covers drenched in gold The dreams of granny in mansion and happy The little things I need to save my soul [Hook : Akenya, The MIND, Noname] When the sun is going down When the dark is out to stay I picture your smile, like it was yesterday When the sun is going down When the dark is out to stay I picture your smile, like it was yesterday [Outro: Noname, Akenya, The MIND] When the sun is When the sun is When the sun is When the sun is going down , which was first announced nearly three years before the release of this track.

“Yesterday” is about the death of Noname’s grandmother and how that has made her realize that fame and fortune is not all that’s important in life.

A brand new birthday present saved the life of one snowboarder, whose terrifying ride through an avalanche was captured on his helmet cam.

Tom Oye, 29, may not have lived to tell the tale of his terrifying near-death experience if it wasn't for the inflatable backpack his family recently bought him.

But in the last few years we've seen all the major players work overtime to reinvent their cameras, giving rise to new high-end compacts and tiny, speedy mirrorless models that let you swap lenses just like a DSLR. While traditional DSLRs haven't changed much, the mirrorless market is booming and prices are falling.

These days you can get a high-quality interchangeable lens camera for under 0.

The screen on Oye's helmet camera suddenly fills with white as he descends through the avalanche.

Oye's heavy breaths can be heard in the terrifying footage before the sky suddenly appears, the sun once again shining down on him.

Oye was shredding the fresh powder in Whistler, Canada when suddenly cracks cut through the snow.

The video captured the terrifying moment Oye realized the ground was about to fall out from underneath him.

I owned an album in the 70’s by the Moody Blues (perhaps I shouldn’t be admitting this publicly) which had a song called “22,000 Days.” I gather that this represents how many days most of us can expect to live.

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