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Deer meat (venison) is a delicacy, but is rare to find due to the difficulty in properly containing the deer in order to shecht it (kosher slaughter).

As for birds, the Torah enumerates 24 forbidden species, and the Talmud explains that, among other signs, all birds of prey (vulture, hawk, eagle) are forbidden.

Here are some of our key findings: 40% of internet users have personally experienced online harassment.

We defined online harassment as having had at least one of six incidents personally occur to someone: name-calling, efforts to be purposefully embarrassed, physical threats, harassment over a sustained period of time, sexual harassment, and stalking.

(Respondents were separately asked if they had witnessed any of these behaviors occur to others online; 73% said they had).

Online harassment fell into two distinct, but frequently overlapping, categories of severity – “less severe” harassment was composed of name-calling and embarrassment; 22% of internet users experienced this kind of harassment.

Online harassment presents some challenges to researchers, policy-makers, law enforcement, and advocates who urge more attention to the issue. Telecommunications Act of 1996 does not hold websites responsible for content posted by users, leaving technology companies to create and enforce their own community standards.

For instance, there is little consensus on the definition of online harassment (legal or otherwise), as well as who should be responsible for monitoring bad behavior online. Our research focused on the broad landscape of online harassment – from mild instances to severe problems.

French is the official language of many countries including: Switzerland, Canada, Ivory Coast, Luxembourg, Monaco, Congo and Niger. The word “salut” means both “hello” and “goodbye” 8. At the time of the French Revolution, 75% of French citizens didn’t speak French as a mother tongue. Non-French celebrities who speak French include: Jodie Foster, Johnny Depp, Diane Kruger, Elton John, Ewan Mcgregor, Halle Berry, Jackie O, Madonna, Mick Jagger, and John Travolta. My mom cooks that with cream, parsley and garlic, it’s delicious 🙂 There are many recipes for snails but in my family we put butter parsley and garlic (again! Ultimately, we don’t very taste the snail in itself. Nollywood (for those who don’t know) is the film industry in Nigeria – situated in Africa.

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