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Man's time for you will cease "in the twinkling of an eye." Your sins for which you must account to God and your opportunities to serve the Master will be instantly sealed. Are you, your family, and your neighbors ready for the return of Jesus? Is this a good time to start working for the Kingdom?

God's clock is ticking second by second toward your encounter with Him, and this encounter may be very soon.

In February 2012 an article by Wired magazine listed Taringa!

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She said the boys are just thrilled to be home for Christmas and have even tipped off Santa about their change of address. It’s the simple things, Oscar wants to sleep in his own bed.

He has told Santa we’re going to be in Ireland for Christmas so he knows where to go.” The Cork mother, along with a team of doctors in Colorado, had spent most of the year drafting a special legal application to the State to allow Tristan to become the first person in Ireland to legally take medical cannabis.

I was more than appalled, and somewhat humored to find that there are millions of married men and women searching online for that as en.would say, premier international affair.

” was the first thing that came to mind when I discovered websites like

(Source) These banknotes were created by the Nazis for the concentration camp at Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia.

The camp served as a showpiece for the Nazis to demonstrate to the Red Cross and other agencies how Jewish prisoners were being treated well, providing them with cultural events and schools for their children.

The platform has a presence in every country in the Spanish-speaking world - its main markets are Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Peru and the US Latino community.

According to com Score statistics, in Argentina, as it receives 75 million unique visitors per month.

Historically, Taringa’s homepage had a main section of posts which were organized in chronological order, according to the most recent posts, as well secondary sections with Top Posts (the most voted by the community by week, month or year) and Post Highlights (selected using a number of different variables such as visits, comments, favorites, etc). updated its homepage, making not only aesthetic changes but also by developing a new algorithm in order to highlight the best contributions made by the community.

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