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TIP: e Harmony is an excellent matchmaking website if you're looking for meaningful relationships.Address concerns crucial at their stage The most effective way to deal with kids who disapprove of your dating again is to address specific concerns which in turn will depend upon their age.

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When reacting to the idea of his new love interests, consider the alternative - - your father being alone for the rest of his life.

Though it may be hard, you should try your best to be understanding and supportive of his decisions.

Take some time to think about what your response is going to be when your father asks how you like the woman he is dating.

Given the situation, you may have some resistance to, or feel replaced by, this new woman, suggests psychotherapist Donna F.

The older the children are, the larger their store of memories with the departed parent and thus the more difficult to convince them that your dating others does not mean that you are looking for a replacement of their departed parent.

Reassure your kids that at this stage you are simply looking for enjoyable companionship and they will be the first to know if you meet someone special.

Reassure them The parent that the child has loved from birth can never be replaced by another person.

Explain to your kid that you understand this perfectly and are not trying to bring a substitute for Mum or Dad who is no more.

Whatever the circumstances may be, it's natural to experience a range of emotions when your dad starts dating someone who isn't your mom.

The idea of your father dating again can bring on disappointment, confusion or anger, according to psychologist Offra Gerstein in the “Relationship Matters” article “Adult Children's Reactions to Their Parents' Dating.” While feeling these emotions, it may be hard to figure out how to react to the situation.

Working Out Your Emotions About Your Mom Dating Talking to Your Mom About Your Feelings Maintaining Your Relationship With Your Mom Community Q&A When your mom starts dating someone new, it can seem weird and gross.

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