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Through education and collaboration Rebuilding Hope improves the community’s response to sexual assault and abuse victims and challenges the behaviors and beliefs that promote sexual violence.

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This policy prohibits a broad continuum of behaviors, all of which constitute a form of sexual or gender-based harassment or discrimination, sexual assault, or dating or domestic violence.

Prohibited conduct that may violate this policy includes sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, domestic and dating violence, stalking, and retaliation.

The University encourages all members of its community to participate in creating a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment on campus.

Ultimately, all members of the community are expected to assume responsibility for their conduct, to report behaviors that may violate this policy, and to take reasonable and prudent actions to prevent acts of sexual misconduct.

The agency embraces the goal of providing support and information so that a victim may empower herself or himself to heal, while acknowledging the victim-survivor’s dignity and respect of her or his decisions.

Rebuilding Hope advocates the victim-survivor’s right to: Be believed; Receive non-judgmental support; Choose her or his own pace and path of healing; Expect privacy and confidentiality; Accept or reject any agency service offered; and Receive accurate and current information.

Kinder Care Education is the nation’s leader in early childhood education.

We nourish curiosity through purposeful experiences to create a future full of lifelong learners.

All forms of sexual discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, domestic and dating violence, stalking, and retaliation of any form are an affront to human dignity and fundamentally at odds with the values of Washington and Lee University.

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