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He then used his influence to get Poussey's father reassigned to a post in the United States.

Poussey tried to suppress her feelings to no avail.

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Eventually she confronted the Oberstleutnant and attempted to pull out a gun.

Her father stopped her and announced his acceptance of her sexuality ("You Also Have a Pizza").

She enjoys great people, great books and great coffee.

She's usually the only friend making an embarrassing face in "funny" gr...

They aren't depraved or polymorphously perverse incarnations of uninhibited sexual mores; they're just folks who are attracted to both sexes. Some pass for straight or gay or allow others to make their own assumptions.

Bisexuals are not portrayed so much for their mannerisms as their supposed habits.

Read More A few years ago, I had just started "talking" to a guy from church, and I told him we should keep things on the down low.

I didn't see the need for everyone to find out too early on.

Contrast Depraved Bisexual, where bisexuality is used as a way to make the character seem more evil (or conversely, being bisexual makes you evil), and Anything That Moves, where bisexuality is treated as a lack of discrimination in partners (in real life the two are not necessarily linked; just as straight and gay people don't find of their preferred sex attractive, bisexual people don't find "everyone" attractive).

Contrast Suddenly Sexuality, where a character skips from gay to straight or vice versa with no warning, and No Bisexuals, where the characters/narrative don't consider bisexuality as an option.

” and, “What do I say in text to create attraction? Rules like; always end the text on a high note, and never be the last to text.

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