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Abbie Purney; Valley Health System, Las Vegas, NV Purpose: Improve patient outcomes by standardizing and implementing a nurse-driven progressive mobility program in the intensive care units (ICUs) for a 5-hospital system.

Additionally, implement and monitor for delirium throughout ICU hospital stay and treat delirium as recommended by evidence-based practice guidelines.

At nine months, Dynamed had cited 87% of the sampled reviews, while the other summaries had cited less than 50%.

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As samples, we chose systematic reviews rated as relevant by international research networks (such as, Evidence-Based Medicine, ACP Journal Club, and the Cochrane Collaboration).

Every month we assessed whether each sampled review was cited in at least one chapter of the five summaries.

In accordance with this policy, MER identifies conflicts of interest with its instructors, content managers, and other individuals who are in a position to control the content of an activity.

Conflicts are resolved by MER to ensure that all scientific research referred to, reported, or used in a CE activity conforms to the generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis.

Several authoritative organizations have issued public health guidelines addressing dietary sugars.

Three reviewers independently assessed guideline quality using the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation, 2nd edition (AGREE II), instrument.Finally, implement and manage sedation per recommended evidence-based practice guidelines.Description: Critical care patient outcomes are closely evaluated and analyzed for trends, variance in practice, and unfavorable outcomes.How to get better healthcare at a discount by making every click count An op-ed article by Dr. Read More is the premier evidence-based clinical decision support resource, trusted worldwide by healthcare practitioners to help them make the right decisions at the point of care.Peter Bonis, CMO Clinical Effectiveness at Wolters Kluwer Health, was recently featured on The Hill.com, a leading U. It is proven to change the way clinicians practice medicine, and is the only resource of its kind associated with improved outcomes.As regulatory agencies monitor patient outcomes, nursing practice should be driving improved patient care delivery, especially in critical care.

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