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Find and download them here: o fishally free sheet have a great day!

-t Hi Tammy, I have a blog at I am writing a post with ideas for middle school valentine gifts. January 25, 2012 4 Comments It’s time to think “Outside the BOX“!

See full summary » More than a dozen Angelenos navigate Valentine's Day from early morning until midnight.

If viewed this way, the film might almost be interesting.

if you were interested in printing these valentines, i’ve attached the PDF below.

A grade-school boy wants flowers for his first true love; two high school seniors plan first-time sex at noon; a TV sports reporter gets the assignment to find romance in LA; a star quarterback contemplates his future; two strangers meet on a plane; grandparents, together for years, face a crisis; and, an "I Hate Valentine's Day" dinner beckons the lonely and the lied to. It's been reported that Julia Roberts received a three million dollar paycheck for her role. However, her contract also said she'd receive three percent of the film's gross.

The film was a huge success and she wound up with a nearly ten million dollar payday.

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for now, here’s the PDF: Welcome to a Small Snippet! My hubby Jake, is a “Pastor”, and I am the Momma to three precious gifts, Canaan, Bella, and Berkeley, lovingly referred to as “the Boy," “the Bug,” and "the Baby," (and collectively as “the Crazies.”) We are a family of beautiful and redeeemed messes, living in a broken world that makes us realize daily that we are in desperate need of a Big Time Rescuer.

If you've grown disenchanted with the fancy dinners, chocolates, and roses, worry not, because we've rounded up a series of unique Valentine's Day ideas to combat the season's predictability.

After all, what's romance without a little mystery, surprise, and adventure?

you know, a little salty to cut through all the sweets these little ones will be getting.

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