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Because He is our Savior," noting that many prominent names within the Mormon community, including former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, have spoken out against Trump. Hop aboard an Amtrak, and you’ll get scenic views, comparatively spacious seats, and even a cafe car if you’re feeling hungry and/or want to reenact that one scene from White Christmas.

One has to imagine these snow-drenched customers weren’t exactly thrilled about sitting on a train in wet clothing during the two-hour journey from Rhinecliff to New York Penn Station.

But, hey, at least it’s still better than living on that actual Snowpiecer.

Four Books of the Bible, 1 and 2 Kings as well as 1 and 2 Chronicles, document the separate national histories of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

Beck explained that eventually, God warned the rebellious northern kingdom to stop its sinning, or else face disaster. Judah remained, but the tribes in the north, they were taken and they went throughout the Assyrian empire. This is where the term ‘Jew’ comes from – Judah.” Beck went on to note that when the Assyrians were finally defeated by other powers, they and the Israelite captives fled northward.

"We've been working on Slovakia, specifically, for about two and-a-half months.

This is the first group in a number of groups that we hope to be able to resettle in the coming months."Moore, who is also senior contributing editor of The Christian Post, and his coalition have had their hands on the pulse of the refugee crisis and "saw it coming" about two months before it reached a tipping point and hundreds of thousands of people began fleeing Iraq and Syria.

Only problem is the political commentator feels differently.

Joe Kovacs is an award-winning journalist and, since 1999, executive news editor of WND.

But the downside of Amtrak travel, apparently, is that the train might just spray a group of waiting people with a giant sheet of snow as it pulls into the station for the first time since Winter Storm Stella blanketed the East Coast.

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